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About Season 4

Roadtrip Nation: Season 4 follows the journeys of three groups of friends across North America. In a five-week coast-to-coast journey, students from San Jose State University, Emory University and Concordia University speak with individuals from diverse backgrounds that have defined themselves by following their passions. Interviews include musician Kinky Friedman, artist Cheryl Foster, Academy Award-winning film editor Walter Murch, University of Texas track and field coach Beverly Kearney and Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers.


  • Episode 1: Los Angeles - Hollywood

    The Roadtrip Nation team begins their trip in LA, visiting Jan Robinson Flint, a social activist, who relates her story of growing up in Chicago during a time of great social change and how this helped her discover her passion. The team then heads to Hollywood to interview actor and former teen idol, Joshua Jackson. Jackson offers advice about following passions, taking chances, and testing their character in order to feel a greater sense of accomplishment in what they do.

  • Episode 2: Santa Fe - Austin

    : In New Mexico, the Roadtrip Nation team interviews Baron Wolman, the first photographer for Rolling Stone magazine. Wolman went to spy school during the Vietnam War to avoid the draft and was stationed in Berlin when the Wall went up. In Austin, TX they interview Mike Henry, poetry slam artist, and Bev Kearney, head track and field coach at UT Austin.

  • Episode 3: Austin - New Orleans

    : In a restaurant at the Grand Canyon, the Roadtrip Nation team unexpectedly books an interview with a documentary filmmaker named Bennie Klain in Texas. Then they head to New Orleans to interview jazz musician Irvin Mayfield. After this interview, the team heads across the bridge to the Ninth Ward, where they talk with Jim Pate, the executive director for Habitat for Humanity in the city, and then help to build houses.

  • Episode 4: Memphis - Washington, D.C.

    The Roadtrip Nation team heads to Memphis to speak with Beverly Robertson, the executive director of the national Civil Rights Museum. In St Louis, the team sits down with Marshawn Evans, an attorney and CEO, and former contestant on The Apprentice. Next they interview activist Chairman Fred Hampton Jr, and then stop in Washington DC where they have to opportunity to talk with artist Cheryl Foster.

  • Episode 5: Philadelphia - New York City

    In Philadelphia, the Roadtrip Nation team climbs to the top of the clock tower at city hall to meet Andrew Lins, a conservation preserver working on restoring the Liberty Bell. Next up is an interview with Billy King, team president of the Philadelphia 76ers. After traveling to New York, they interview "Cousin" Jeff Johnson, a social and political activist with his own show on BET.

  • Episode 6: New York City

    In New York, the Roadtrip Nation team interviews Kate White, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, and Wendy Williams of the Wendy Williams Experience. At the end of the trip, Abel, Kisura and Cairo go home with advice to make changes in their lives to get where they want, no matter how terrifying it may seem.

  • Episode 7: San Francisco

    The Roadtrip Nation team gets ready to hit the road! Their first stop is in San Francisco where they interview Craig Newmark, the founder of, and then on to Dreamworks for a fun interview with Rex Grignon, the head of character animation.

  • Episode 8: Bolinas - Seattle

    In Bolinas, CA, the Roadtrip Nation team gets a bit lost on their way to film editor and Academy Award winner Walter Murch's house. Then it's off to Quincy, Oregon for the High Sierra Music Festival where they interview founder David Margulies and ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro. They then head north to Seattle to interview William Morris, a glassblower and artist.

  • Episode 9: Seattle - Chicago

    Continuing in Seattle, the Roadtrip Nation team has the opportunity to interview Whit Alexander, the co-founder of the board game Cranium. Later in St Louis, they interview Steve Schankman, the founder of Contemporary Productions. The next stop on the road is Chicago and the Busy Beaver Button Co. to interview founder Christen Carter. They also interview Katrina Markoff, founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolate.

  • Episode 10: Manchester - Boston

    En route to Manchester, New Hampshire, the Roadtrip Nation team sits down with Dean Kamen, an inventor and founder of DEKA Research and Development. Next it's off to Boston to interview Bert and John Jacobs, founders of the clothing company Life is Good. In Boston they interview Dave McGillivray, a Boston Marathon runner who, in 1978, ran across the entire United States.

  • Episode 11: Washington, D.C. - New York City

    In Washington DC, Warren Brown, founder of the Cake Love Bakery, tells the Roadtrip Nation team about how he left his job as a lawyer to pursue his passion for baking. Also in DC they have the opportunity to interview Dr. Steven Rosenberg, a pioneer in cancer research. After DC the team heads to, New York City, where they interview David Fricke, music editor at Rolling Stone.

  • Episode 12: New York City

    The Roadtrippers visit Rolling Stone magazine, interviewing film critic Peter Travers. Next they interview Ross Klein, president of Starwood Luxury Brands before taking the subway over to Broadway for their final interview with choreographer, Marlies Yearby. After six weeks on the road, Ally, Leah and Charlie head back home, ready to define their own roads in life.


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