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Rex Grignon


My road in life has been direct.
He was always interested in movies; as a kid, he'd focus on his studies in math and science, but he'd make Super 8 films on the weekends.
As a kid growing up in Canada, he never thought he'd be able to break into the film industry, so he decided to go into engineering.
At the last minute, he was accepted into a college that taught film production.
After trying a few different things, he settled on computer animation, which he found blended his strengths in art and engineering.
Soon after leaving school, he got a job as an animator at PDI; while there, he started a "character development" group.
When he heard that Toy Story was in the works, he jumped ship to go work at Pixar.
After the film wrapped, Dreamworks called and requested he come back and expand the character group he'd started.
He's been there for 10 years and has worked on films like Shrek, Antz, and Madagascar.
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Head of Character Animation

I'm an animator and oversee the creation of characters on "Toy Story", "Shrek", and many others.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
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San Francisco

San Francisco

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