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<style data-emotion="css 52w8fk">.css-52w8fk{padding-right:0.25rem;}</style><span class="css-52w8fk"><span>Get students excited about their futures</span></span>

Show students everything they can be

Two students paying attention in a classroom

Widen the lens of what's possible

"Roadtrip Nation has helped my students think about their future differently. To see people take risks, fail, and succeed has been awesome for them." —Michael Altamirano, Segerstrom High School

Girl wearing headphones watches a video on a tablet.

Driven by student inputs

"The intent of this class was not to get everyone to the same point—it was to deliver each of them to a unique place along a path they were defining with every step." —Jason Tovani, AVID coordinator

Excited educator shows his classroom Roadtrip Nation content on a projection screen

Packed with real-world takeaways

"The experiences this course provides for students really help open the door to their communities in ways they may not have thought of before." —Rob Camp, Linn–Benton Community College

Two ways to engage students

Introducing the Roadtrip Nation Experience

Aligned to CASEL core standards and based on 21st-century career development, our five-lesson project-based digital course helps students explore their futures—and develop critical social-emotional skills along the way.

Driven by student inputs, this self-discovery course shows students career paths they may have never considered, and helps them build the confidence to conduct an interview with a potential mentor.

Start the course
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How it works

  1. Decide how you want to teachThe Roadtrip Nation Experience is adaptable to all sorts of learning environments, whether you're teaching a science class, after-school workshop, or career advising.

  2. Guide students through lessonsThrough engaging short lesson videos and thought-provoking discussions and activities, we'll give you the tools to expand students' options for the future and build soft skills.

  3. Focus on the Interview ProjectA project with real-world takeaways, students will develop social-emotional skills by interviewing a potential mentor working in a career they’re curious about.

Not your average assembly

Bring your career exploration learnings to life with Roadtrip Nation's classroom and campus events.

Through fun activities that put our "let go, define, become" process into practice, our relatable team of presenters will make your students feel seen—even in an auditorium.

A student in an auditorium at a Roadtrip Nation event turns to smile at the camera

Student-driven experiences with a wide reach

Students love Roadtrip Nation resources because they don't feel like schoolwork—with personalized results and video content that students can see themselves in, engagement comes naturally.

When you facilitate our experiential course, you'll see a new self-confidence and openness you may never have seen from your students before. And when you can see that students love their work, we hope it helps make your job as a teacher or guidance counselor that much more fulfilling.

  • 200Kalumni of the Roadtrip Nation Experience
  • 2xGPA increase compared to peers
  • 400Kguidance counselors using our content

Why educators love Roadtrip Nation

My students learned that they CAN talk to adults, that they CAN do scary things, that they CAN take risks...and they may fail! But they have to pick themselves up and try again.
Andrea Giordano-Rink AVID Teacher & CSF Advisor
I sense a purposefulness that my students have never exhibited before.
Erin ChaseLos Amigos High School
Student after student expressed their excitement concerning what they had learned. We are grateful for the help Roadtrip Nation has provided to our students in creating a fulfilling and optimistic vision for their futures.
Rich MartinLoara High School

Ready to implement the Roadtrip Nation Experience?

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