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Terrence Burrell


My road in life has been direct.
I graduated from Bradley University with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and communications but I struggled to find a job in the creative industry because I didn’t have a strong portfolio.
I used a temp agency to get placed as a receptionist at an ad agency—it ended up being a great opportunity because I could work on my portfolio and get feedback from the creatives we worked with.
The chief creative officer at the agency recommended I go back to school to bolster my skills, so I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and attended Miami Ad School Atlanta’s copywriting portfolio program.
After graduating, I got a job as a copywriter for Burrell Communications.
I’ve since worked my way up and built my career in creative marketing, communications, and advertising.
I currently work as the interim chief creative officer for Burrell Communications, where I lead the creative department in solving creative communication problems for brands.
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Interim Chief Creative Officer

I help solve communication problems for brands.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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"I can't do it. I'm going to fail."

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