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Christine MacGregor

Christine MacGregor

Wet Seal

Career Roadmap

Christine's work combines: Fashion, Business, and Working with Others

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Day In The Life

Vice President Marketing

I oversee retail and ecommerce marketing for a specialty retail company.

Skills & Education

Here's the path I took:

  • High School

  • Bachelor's Degree

    Marketing/Marketing Management, General

    Arizona State University

Here's the path I recommend for someone who wants to be a Marketing Managers:

Bachelor's Degree: Marketing/Marketing Management, General

Graduate Degree: Business Administration and Management, General

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Life & Career Milestones

My path in life took a while to figure out

  • 1.

    I started loving fashion as a young girl, reading Vogue at 12.

  • 2.

    I got my first fashion retail job at 16 at Wet Seal in the Tucson Mall.

  • 3.

    I worked several places through high school and college and then landed at Urban Outfitters.

  • 4.

    I did an internship at their home office in Philly.

  • 5.

    I moved to CA to manage an Urban Outfitters store in Costa Mesa.

  • 6.

    I got recruited to Hot Topic to start their first website, and had no idea what I was doing.

  • 7.

    I worked for Hot Topic in Ecommerce & Marketing for 8 years and loved every second.

  • 8.

    I left Hot Topic to take on a new challenge at Wet Seal.

Defining Moments

How I responded to discouragement


    Messages from Parents:

    You should make a decision - you can either have a career or a family but you cannot have both. Women take on too much responsibility in the home to also have a career.

  • How I responded:

    Believe in yourself and know your possibilities, not limits. Listen to your heart and make decisions that are right for you. Understand that life happens, navigate through with grace and kindness and be your best self everyday.

Experiences and challenges that shaped me

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  • I grew up without much money which had it's challenges when getting into school. I sought out financial aid and knew if I could get through, I could make something of myself and help my mom in the end.

  • In high school, I developed an addiction to cocaine among other drugs. I looked myself in the mirror the day after graduation and knew I needed to make a change. It took two years, but I removed myself from the environment and never looked back.

  • My parents divorced when I was 2 and my mother moved my brothers and I a few states away. My mother worked to provide for us and my grandparents were my foundation. I found in my grandfather what I needed - someone to listen and be there.