Cathryn Collins

Cathryn Collins

Senior Account Manager

Pistol & Stamen

Redondo Beach, CA USA

Whatever it is inside of you that you just love, go towards it.


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Cathryn Collins


My road in life has been direct.
She grew up in Denver, Colorado and attended college nearby at Colorado Christian University.
Got her bachelor’s degree in elementary education because her mom was a teacher and it seemed like a secure career path.
After graduating, she started teaching and realized she didn’t like it as much as she’d thought she would.
Her dream had always been to move to Los Angeles and break into fashion but she wasn’t sure where she’d fit into the industry.
At one point, she had a conversation with her mother where she expressed interest in connecting celebrities with magazines, but at the time, she didn’t even know that job existed.
One day, she came home from work and her dad said to her, “You’re not loving this. You need to move to Los Angeles.”
She made the move, and once she was living in L.A., she met a friend who got her an internship at a boutique fashion public relations agency—she loved it.
After doing the work for free for over a year, a job opportunity opened up, and she got her first job in fashion PR—the field she’d unknowingly discussed with her mom all those years ago.
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Senior Account Manager

I'm a fashion lover who works to connect brands with celebrities and magazines.

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My work combines:
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