Music Performance



Weekly music lessons, endless scales and arpeggios, ear training classes, nightly rehearsals, recitals for friends and family, and juries with faculty members…. If singing or playing an instrument is today a hobby, as a performance major it will be your life.

Student musicians spend more time practicing than almost any other activity. Hours of practicing will help you learn to interpret a piece of music as the composer envisioned it. You’ll also develop your own signature sound -- one that’s unique to you.

Leaders Who Majored in Music Performance

Artina McCain

Assistant Professor of Piano,

Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music at the University of Memphis

Olivia Castellini

Sr. Exhibit Developer,

Museum of Science and Industry

Elaine Kwon

Pianist / Tae Kwon Do Champion,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Rita Simó


People's Music School

Roosevelt Mclamore

Audio Engineer,

Romore Music Group, LLC - an Umbrella company