My road in life took a while to figure out.
Got a degree in medical psychology.
Did a clinical internship and postdoc in behavioral medicine.
Networked with other professionals.
Had a job created for me as Director of Psychosocial Oncology Research.
Wrote grant proposals and carried out research.
Started teaching.


Psychologist Contributing Faculty

I teach graduate students in psychology and conduct research in psychosocial oncology.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Teaching / Mentoring

Day to Day

A great day would include interacting with students, teaching, writing, and data analysis.

Advice for Getting Started

Here's the first step for college students

Take courses in psychology, biology, and anatomy.

Recommended Education

My career is related to what I studied. I'd recommend the path I took:


The Noise I Shed

From Family:

"With all of that work you could have become a real doctor. Why not just go into medicine?"

Challenges I Overcame

Physical Issues