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Bobby Omari

Bobby Omari

Prostyle Web Design

Career Roadmap

Bobby's work combines: Design, Technology, and Problem Solving

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Day In The Life

Web Designer and Developer

I'm a designer and a problem-solver; I help businesses identify their problems and create solutions.

Skills & Education

Here's the path I took:

  • High School

    Chino Hills High School

  • Bachelor's Degree

    Business Administration and Management, General

    Fullerton College

  • Bachelor's Degree

    Women's Studies

    Irvine Valley College

Here's the path I recommend for someone who wants to be a Software Quality Assurance Analysts & Testers:

High School

Bachelor's Degree

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Life & Career Milestones

I've taken a lot of twists and turns

  • 1.

    I always had an interest in both art and technology.

  • 2.

    After school, I spent some time just trying out a few different jobs.

  • 3.

    One of my jobs was managing a website project; before that, I'd really only worked in Wordpress.

  • 4.

    Suddenly, I was in a project management role where I had to design and build a website for a school.

  • 5.

    Luckily, I had a friend/mentor who was a senior-level developer who gave me a ton of guidance.

  • 6.

    I signed up for Treehouse courses to teach myself how to do it. I worked on those for about 2 years.

  • 7.

    Before long, I could build a website from start to finish. I started taking on freelance projects.

  • 8.

    Now, whenever I get a site done and see people using it, that's a major milestone for me.

Defining Moments

How I responded to discouragement


    Messages from Myself:

    You're not as good as these other designers.

  • How I responded:

    I spend a lot of time on Behance checking out other artists' and designers' work, and sometimes that can get discouraging. There are so many great designs out there that it's hard for me not to turn into my own biggest critic and convince myself I'll never get to that level. But once I get past that initial self-doubt, I let other designers' work motivate and inspire me to be better. Whenever I start to feel that doubt, I go back over my portfolio, see the huge gains I've made, and keep pushing.