My road in life took a while to figure out.
Decided as a young child I wanted to be an artist. Spent my school years doodling and drawing.
Graduated college with a degree in art, but wasn't sure what to do with it. I was nervous.
Felt where I lived wouldn't provide enough opportunity for my intended career in illustration.
Moved to New York City and worked as a freelance illustrator. It wasn't as fulfilling as I'd hoped.
Decided to make art for myself instead, fell in love with pattern making.
Spent two years learning how to make wallpaper and start a business.
Worked all sorts of side jobs to get by while I designed my first wallpaper lines.
Started my company Grow House Grow, and now my art is my job!
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Owner + Designer

I design narrative inspired wallpaper patterns.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Being Creative

Day to Day

Depending on the time of year, my typical day has me doing everything from cutting wallpaper samples and shipping orders, to daydreaming and creating new patterns. It's taken me several years to get the hang of running my own business--there are many things that aren't fun, but incredibly important to do well. Accounting, marketing, order fulfillment, and customer service are some of the less glamorous elements of my job. Luckily, in the end, I still get to sit down and play with my patterns!

Advice for Getting Started

Here's the first step for college students

The number one thing I wish someone had told me in college would be to take a business class. As a creative person, I was so absorbed by developing my creative skills that I neglected to consider how I would build a career for myself. I lost a lot of time figuring out how to do it the hard way. It's also important to realize that while you build your business or concentrate on your art, some of your time may be spent working jobs that don't pertain to your passion. That's ok! Do what you have to.

Recommended Education

My career is not related to what I studied. I'd recommend this path instead:


The Noise I Shed

From Parents:

"You should get a serious job with stability and benefits. Art isn't a real career."

Challenges I Overcame