Katie Carr Kopcso

Katie Carr Kopcso

Construction Project Manager

NASA, Stennis Space Center

Gulfport, MS USA

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Katie Carr Kopcso


My road in life has been direct.
Studied chemical engineering with a minor in aviation at Louisiana Tech University.
Spent her spare time during school flying search and rescue missions for the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans.
Right before she graduated from college, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded over Texas, where she was going to school.
NASA’s response to the disaster was to hire a whole new crop of young engineers to fix the problem, and Katie applied to several of the resulting job openings.
The day she got an interview, astronaut Eileen Collins was in town to visit NASA, and she gave an inspiring speech about persisting in the face of the disaster.
After hearing that speech, Katie knew that she had to work on the “return to flight” program.
The NASA team she ultimately ended up joining helped to send Eileen Collins back into space just a few short years later.
Says that even though her engineering major was grueling, and the work she does with NASA can be tough at times, contributing to the progress in space exploration makes it all worth it.
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Construction Project Manager

I am an engineer who manages construction projects at NASA to ensure safety for test launches.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Building Things

Day to Day

I participate in contractor oversight and management of design and construction activities in the test complex with a focus on B2 Test Stand Revitalization projects in support of Space Launch System (SLS) testing. I ensure design and construction contract requirements are met during the construction process and update affected drawings and documentation at the end of the construction project.

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