Justin Zabilansky

Justin Zabilansky

Director of Engineering Design


Newark, NJ USA

There’s a whole lot of opportunities within this space to not only create lettuce factories but do a lot of different stuff with this type of technology that can hopefully impact the world in a very positive way.


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Justin Zabilansky


My road in life has been direct.
I grew up learning to grow and hunt my own food and live off the land as much as possible.
Coming out of high school, I knew I was interested in sustainability, biology, and engineering.
I earned my bachelor’s degree in biological engineering and was initially considering either going into pharmaceuticals or continuing my education.
I heard about this new thing called vertical farming and thought it sounded interesting, so I reached out to the founder of AeroFarms for an opportunity.
I started at AeroFarms in the research and development department where I worked on machine vision applications and data analysis.
I eventually moved into the production facility and learned how to operate our large grow room.
I currently work as the director of engineering design and spend my time figuring out how we create a controlled environment and systems that enable automation for large scale growing.
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High School
Biological/Biosystems Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Director of Engineering Design

I make sure our systems are optimized for large scale growing.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Building Things

Advice for Getting Started

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My background is in biological engineering but we also have people here who are working on the control side, mechanical side, and electrical side. We need a variety of skillsets in this field, so if one of those engineering specializations calls to you, there's likely a need for it here.

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