Heather Wilde

Heather Wilde

Strategic Innovation Officer


Las Vegas, NV USA

When you’re thinking about what you want to do, think about the feeling you’re trying to give to people. If you don’t feel that yourself, you can’t genuinely put that into other people.


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Heather Wilde


My road in life took a while to figure out.
One side of my family was very creative, while the other was made up of more logical military veterans—so it always made sense to me to merge the two.
I fell in love with technology at eight years old when I received my first computer—I immediately took it apart to see what was inside and learned to put it back together.
In college, I studied aerospace engineering before transferring schools and receiving a degree in mathematics and literature.
After graduating, I pursued a career in technology, working in game design, coding, and management—I realized the common thread that I loved in each position was experience design.
About 10 years out of college, my husband and I realized we were no longer happy with our work, so we left and helped co-found Evernote, where I worked as the director of technical support.
During the early stages of Evernote, we worked remotely from a sailboat in Mexico and then moved into an RV to be closer to big airports as the company grew.
After almost six years with Evernote, I decided to leave and shift my focus on developing my own projects.
I currently work in a variety of positions, including strategic innovation officer at AFWERX and chief technology officer for ROCeteer.
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High School
Mathematics, General
St. John's College
Medieval British Literature
Cambridge University
Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Associate Certified Coach


Strategic Innovation Officer

I manage projects designed to integrate civilians with the Air Force.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Helping People

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Here's the first step for everyone

If you think you're interested in pursuing technology, science, and design, I recommend you start reading science fiction to try and figure out which lane interests you most so that you can start your pursuit.


The Noise I Shed

From Society in General:

"Women don't belong in technology."

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Mental Health Issues
Work Stress

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