Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Film


Salary Median (2020)


Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)

+14% (faster than the average)

Most Common Level of Education

Bachelor's degree


Roadtrip Nation Leaders in This Career

What Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Film Do

Operate television, video, or film camera to record images or scenes for television, video, or film productions.

Other Job Titles Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Film May Have

Camera Operator, Cameraman, Master Control Operator (MCO), News Videographer, Production Technician, Studio Camera Operator, Television News Photographer, Videographer

How Leaders Describe a Typical Day at Work

Freelancer ,

Fox Networks

On a good day at work, I go home without a voice. I've talked circles around everybody and people have retained at least a good chunk of what I've said. That's a good day.

Tasks & Responsibilities May Include

  • Compose and frame each shot, applying the technical aspects of light, lenses, film, filters, and camera settings to achieve the effects sought by directors.
  • Operate television or motion picture cameras to record scenes for television broadcasts, advertising, or motion pictures.
  • Adjust positions and controls of cameras, printers, and related equipment to change focus, exposure, and lighting.
  • Confer with directors, sound and lighting technicians, electricians, and other crew members to discuss assignments and determine filming sequences, desired effects, camera movements, and lighting requirements.
  • Operate zoom lenses, changing images according to specifications and rehearsal instructions.

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